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What we offer
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Organizing Household

Assistyu is a Problem Solver. It helps you with doing your household work. Bedroom, Bathroom, Attic and Basement, Dining room, Kitchen, Closet, Garage, Family and Living Room organizing.
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Shopping / Groceries

Assistyu helps in crossing your To-do list now. It helps you in getting your things at your doorstep. Order the things and we will get it done.
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Tidy up your house

You never know what you have until… clean your house. Let Assistyu help you tidy up your house.
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Packages pickup / drop

Worrying how to get your order when you are at work. Assistyu is here to help you in picking up or dropping your packages at your doorstep.
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Health Care

Let Assisyu become your global pharmacy. Order your medicines and we will bring it for you.
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Let Assistyu become your Gardener for your FarmVille. Make your garden a GreenMile!
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Laundry and Dry cleaning

Remember that time your smoothie spilled down the front of your white blouse or brand-new pants? Let Assityu do the Scouring Charm. Get your clothes cleaned at the tap of a button.
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Any other services

Any other problem you are facing and need an assistant to do that task, call Assistyu and make life easier.

How it works

We anticipate your needs
Get a dedicated personal assistant

Everybody needs help to complete their tasks. Assist YU provides a dedicated personal assistant at your doorstep, to get your things done, your way!

Our assistant automatically takes care of all your recurring needs, once told. A dedicated personal assistant visits you once a week and accomplishes all the tasks assigned by you for the day.

Sometimes you may need a hand to assist you immediately. We also provide assistants on-demand, to take care of your one time requests.

You take a break, sit back and relax. We are here to Assist YU. Give us a call and let us know how can we Assist YU!

  • Saves your time

    Focus on what's important for you

  • Saves your effort

    Sit back and relax

  • Best Quality

    We provide skilled assistants for your tasks

  • Easy to get an assistant

    Get your things done automatically

If you are a monthly subscriber, pay monthly fee and get a dedicated personal assistant once every week to handle your errands and tidy up your house. We'll do all the shopping, stock your house with groceries, send your packages and more. You will receive a weekly bill for the cost of the things you bought through your Assistants

Book a Monthly subscription starting @ Rs. 1500/month